Soft Rocks - Talking Jungle (Justin Vandervolgen Remix)
(ESP Institute, 2012)


One of the sweetest videos in existence. 

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Optimus Sound System
Trance is our passion……..

The DJ-Team Optimus Sound System has been founded in January 2012 by the head of the “A World of Trance” – community Alexander Berse in cooperation with Manuel Al-Houli (Deejay S.U.G).

The idea was building a team with young DJ´s, who already gained a certain experience, but also Dj´s / producers who achieved a larger success and popularity with their work.

This Team, including the DJ´s S.U.G, Final Aeon, Florian Icediver , Trance Arts and with C-79 also a woman, pursues one goal:
Presenting high-class Trance, and connecting the people all over the world to that community of “A World of Trance”.

Trance, which especially has been buried in oblivion in Germany, is said to live up again.

With this Team, “A World of Trance” presents a selection of DJ´s covering nearly all subgenres of Trance.

But their work does not only revolve around the djing; the team also focusses on producing themselves.

Together, they unite know-how with constructiveness.
The first action was setting a weekly radio-show.
In cooperation with “Powermixfm Radio” they present you every Saturday the finest in Trance on a 6 hours show on their own channel, including regular guest mixes of different star-DJs.

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cute pictures ^^

cute pictures ^^